Harry Reid is the Worst Living Human Being on The Planet


Yes, Sen. Harry Reid is the worst living human being on this planet today. I think it’s time that someone finally acknowledges it.

Now, I realize that’s quite a statement to make, given the fact that Robert Mugabe continues to draw breath. Not to mention Kim Jung Un. And yes, you could also make a case that Vlad Putin isn’t one of Earth’s nicer creatures. Still, bear with me for a minute as I lay out some of the evidence.

Reid has asserted that the stories of Americans who lost coverage, or had to pay more, or had to find new doctors under the Affordable Care Act are all lies. Even for Harry Reid, that’s absolutely preposterous. No one has lost coverage, had to pay more or find new doctors under Obamacare? Really?

Harry, it’s been amazingly well documented, even by your allies in the media.

Anyway, from the Senate floor, Reid called all of the ads that are being run, lies. Every one of the ads that AFP had run, were lies? Obviously then, not just the Koch brothers you despise, but all of the people in those ads, were liars?

Later that day however, he returned to the floor, and said: “I can’t say that every one of the Koch brothers’ ads are a lie, but I’ll say this … the vast, vast majority of them are.”

For the unaware, both Reid and Romney are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (as am I), whose members are commonly referred to as “Mormons” or “LDS.”

Harry Reid is a man who claims to be pro-life, yet in 2001, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012 he received 100 percent ratings from the radical abortion activist group, NARAL Pro-Choice America. Now, his rating with NARAL has fluctuated over the years, but that’s at least six years of perfect scores with this fanatical abortion organization.

Now, if you really are pro-life, shouldn’t you always get a zero percent rating from an organization like NARAL? His NARAL rating last year was still a healthy 70 percent. For context, Sen. Dean Heller, also of Nevada and Republican, received a zero percent rating from NARAL.

Also Reid’s last three Planned Parenthood Action Center ratings have been 83, 89 and most recently, 88 percent. Really Harry? You’re pro-life? How is that possible? How can you be pro-life but vote with the interests of those groups so often? And that’s just one issue of concern, there are many.


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