The Black man and the Liberals

There is one indisputable fact: The vast majority of Blacks who vote vote for Dems. No one can deny this. Most Black voters are voting for a political party they obviously believe will be of most beneficial to them.
This is common sense right?
Another way of putting it is the Blacks have basically sent the DEMs a message: “You DEMs have led us to believe that if we vote for your party things will be better than if we voted for the GOP”. So exactly WHEN do you plan on making things better for us? We Blacks keep voting for you but if anything things have got worse not better.
J. Jackson keeps warning us the DEMs are only ‘playing’ us Blacks for political gain. He says hopefully one day the DEMs will go to the “well” of Black voters and find it’s gone dry.
That will be the day when the Black community starts to move forward and not continue to move backward.
The fact that the Black voter keeps voting for the party of ‘free stuff’ says it all. The Blacks basically abdicate any personal responsibility by voting en mass for the party of “vote for me and I’ll give you a free cell phone”. “Hey every one! I’m Black and you can have my vote for a free KFC coupon”.


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